Triangle Tires was founded in 1976 and has a long history in tyre manufacturing. Over their 38 years in the industry, Triangle have built their brand to be one of the largest tyre producing firms in the world, the whole time maintaining a single fundamental goal: “to meet their global customer demands and serve the global market through continuous research and development.”  This focus has been successful for Triangle so far, as they now rank in the top 10 tyre manufacturers in the entire world and are distributed to more than 150 countries.

So advanced are Triangle’s developments in tyres, they have build strategic partnership with a plethora of international brands including well recognize companies such as: Goodyear, Caterpillar, Volvo, and Hyundai. They produce more than 700 different kinds of radial tyres, in over 160 sizes which are made for passenger cars, light are regular trucks and in the form of OTR tyres for construction and mining vehicles. These numbers do not include the over 400 types of bias tyres they also manufacture in over 100 sizes. In total they manufacture over 10 million pieces each year.

With so many units in production each year, Triangle are a huge employer in the areas of China where their four manufacturing plants exist. Currently the company employs almost 10 000 staff across China and hundreds more who work around the globe in sales and marketing. The Traingle Tire headquarters and their largest tyre manufacturing plant is located in Wei Hai City in Shandong Province, China. This region is famous for the number of tyre producing facilities in the area, not just Triangle Tire Group’s but other companies as well.

The Triangle brand could not have been so successful without the ongoing quality and technological improvements over the years. What started out as just a small company has blossomed into a Chinese national icon and a brand synonymous around the globe with reliability, affordability and technological innovation. The development of a globalized economy over the past few decades have been an incredible opportunity for this Chinese tyre brand, allowing them the ability to reach millions more end users all across the planet.

So in demand are these Chinese tyres that companies have been built to purely assist with their distribution around the globe. DTL Chinese Tyres is one of the wholesale distributors that has been set up to aid in the export and shipping of Triangle Tires’ tyres all around the globe. While not a subsidiary of Triangle, the team at DTL and the many other Chinese export companies that do similar work distributing Triangle tyres work closely with the Triangle team to ensure the correct shipments are made on time to the right ports, and the end customers are kept happy.

tyrevarietiesBelow is list of some of Triangle’s achievements over the past four decades.

  • 1976 – Construction finished and production began.
  • 1990 – Production of PCR tyres and LT tyres began.
  • 1995 – Triangle became the 1st company in China to produce TBR tyres.
  • 2000 – Appointment by the Chinese Government of the title of “Chinese Famous Brand”, The 1st tyre manufacturing company to achieve this.
  • 2002 – Triangle became the 1st Chinese company to produce OTR tyres.
  • 2003 – Strategic partnership with Goodyear was initiated.
  • 2004 – Strategic partnership with Caterpillar was initiated.
  • 2005 – ISO/TS16949 Certification was attained.
  • 2008 – Production of the GIANT OTR till rim diameter R57 began.

All research and development of new tyre technologies at Triangle are done internally, which has been a large competitive advantage for the company and a boon to its strong growth as a brand.  All Triangle tyres are certified by most important international certification companies such as DOT, ECE, CCC etc. and they all follow the European standard on noise (“S” mark) and the REACH standards.

With such a strong history, focus on innovation, and network of distributors and partners, it is unlikely that the Triangle brand will fail anytime soon. We expect the brand will actually increase marketshare in 2014/2015 and push even higher in the list of top tyre manufacturers on the planet as domestic sales boom and international sales also increase at a reasonable rate. Keep an eye out for the Triangle brand, if you haven’t heard of them before today, you’re bound to again soon!