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Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Simone @ Tumble & Roll

Tumble & Roll is an Australian educational toy store. They offer a range of toys to inspire creativity and aid in the cognitive development for toddlers and young children alike. The company founder Simone saw the positive effects gained by her own son when playing with some of his toys and games that were designed to inspire learning, and decided to fill a void in the market and help other young parents give their children a better head start in life. Take a look at the huge range of toys at Tumble & Roll’s online store. We’re lucky enough to have the chance to speak with Simone today about how she came to be involved in the educational game and toy industry.

Hi Simone, welcome to the offices of Shape Your World today, we’re happy to meet you. Tell us, what was the inspiration for opening Tumble & Roll?

toddlerstoys I had been looking at different business opportunities for a number of years without any real conviction for what type of business I really wanted. Before starting up Tumble & Roll I considered various franchise opportunities, purchasing an existing business, as well as various work from home opportunities but none of these quite hit the mark. It was through my extensive searching for toys for my own son that I started to get a sense that I could make a contribution to this niche market. What appeals to me about these toys is that they encourage a more focused, thoughtful, interaction with toys and encourage children to use their imaginations and creativity as well as developing problem solving skills. Additionally, we have found that keeping a child engaged with educational games and toys works well to defuse some of the relentless pressure and demand for toys fueled by the hype, commercialization and merchandising which perpetuates from toy releases associated with popular movies or TV shows.

Has running an toy company helped you develop a better relationship with our own child?

Running this business has involved a fair bit of home research and trying out different toys and observing how my son interacts with them, how much time he spends playing with them, and how much enjoyment he gets from them. From this perspective we have spent a lot of time discovering and exploring toys together. I believe that this business and my passion for toys has been conducive to quality one on one time with my son which has benefited our relationship greatly.

How has your life changed since starting Tumble & Roll and what opportunities do you envision for yourself as a business owner?

Well my life now is an even bigger juggling act than ever before. I have an extremely busy life, running a business as well as another part time job and running a home. I believe my own business can eventually give me the opportunity for flexible working arrangements which I can do from and around home and fit in well with family commitments. You start to think differently when you own your own business. It can push you outside your comfort zone. I am a big believer that any business is built on a lot of face-to-face networking and relationship building. Even though this is partially an e-commerce business you need to get out there and do a lot of face-to-face marketing. As a business owner you have also got the responsibility of making decisions and opportunity to determine the direction the business takes.

Have you had any challenges or difficulties running the business and how did you overcome them?

The challenge with any startup is that you’re the manager, bookkeeper, receptionist, store man, marketing person – the whole lot. It’s important to realise early on where your expertise lies and where you need to outsource certain jobs to consultants and specialist support and then find a good team of people to work with to undertake the tasks you can’t do well yourself. Time and Money are also two other factors which many people underestimate when starting up a business. The amount of work required is about 10 times more than you would imagine and the amount of investment required can be considerable more than what you may initially budget for. Overcoming these has involved in generally adapting to the work load involved and tightening the financial belt to allow for the extra fund which are needed for the business.

How have you managed to balance your recreational time with your busy work schedule?

toypartyI try and pack as much work in during the week and any spare time I get over the weekend. We always seem to have a lot on at the weekends so I try and avoid doing too much work during the weekends. My working hours during the week though are long and I am often up late at night working well after my son has gone to bed.

Where do you hope to see your business going in the next few years?

We are currently in start-up phase, however we hope we can grow this into a successful full-time business which will allow me to work from and close to home. There are possibilities for extending the product range or changing the product mix. We have just started doing Educational Toy Parties and we would also like to see this side off the business taking off and hopefully adding on more consultants to broaden the areas to which we can provide this service .

We wish you all the best for the running of Tumble & Roll in finding enough recreational time to yourself and your son, away from your busy work schedule. We’ll have to catch up in sometime in the future to see how things are going. I’m sure our readers today have learned a lot about the trials and tribulations of starting up a new business, thank you for sharing your story with us here today.


Interviews with Entrepreneurs: Mandy @ The Freedom State

The Freedom State is an online store that offer the latest and greatest in bohemain clothing and accessories. With a focus on Australian boho brands, the brand has seen incredible growth over the last year and is now synonymous with the word boho in Australia and throughout the Western world. Follow this link to check out their extensive range of Australian Bohemian Clothing.

We spoke with Mandy Bell, the founder and manager of The Freedom State to find out what made her business become and almost overnight success.

BohoKimonoHi Mandy, thanks for talking with the Shape Your World team here today. For how long exactly have you owned your own business?

I stopped working for ‘the man’ back in 2007 when myself and a friend opened a successful retail clothing store on the Gold Coast, Australia. I worked on that business for 6 years. My passion for e-commerce and all things boho called me towards following my vision for a niche online store in early 2013.

What was the inspiration for opening The Freedom State?

I’ve always loved boho clothing and décor especially those designed by our very own Australian labels, and artists. While there were countless labels offering amazing pieces that fit the boho niche, I felt that there was a gap in Australian online stores focusing solely on the Bohemian Lifestyle.

How has your life changed since, and what opportunities do you envision for your future as a business owner?

Since going out on my own I am a lot busier, but since starting online I have learnt so much from the ground up; I.T, photography, buying, logistics and more. This has been a steep learning curve but it has been fun. I am still learning how to successfully manage my time though. Business constantly creeps into personal time, but I have always been a culprit of allowing that to happen.
The opportunities are endless, and I’m always thinking ‘what next’. I am so lucky being on Australian’s beautiful Gold Coast, as there are so many creative people beginning new and exciting ventures in fashion around here. I love being surrounded by and in contact with them.

What things did do successfully to put your business on the map, and what tips for success would you suggest to other small business owners, new and existing?

I spent a good 5 months building a customer base and my brand ‘The Freedom State’ via social media before my website went live online. I didn’t want to open my e-commerce doors to crickets! So pick a couple of good social media platforms that fit with your business and really focus on them. Don’t assume that online will be easier and less time consuming than having a bricks and mortar store. Also make sure you have a good support base of people you can rely on for advice quickly when you need it.

Do you spend more time working in your business than you did when you were employed by someone else?

Definitely – probably 3 times as much, but if you are passionate and enjoy what you are doing, that doesn’t bother you.

How have you managed to balance fun and pressure in the growth of your business?

I’m still learning that one!

What has been the biggest personal challenge for you since becoming a small business owner?

Balancing work and family life, probably the same as most business owners.

What exciting things are happening at The Freedom State right now?

MaxidressWinter is almost over down here in the southern hemisphere, which means summer is on its way. We’re about to get a heap of new stock in from some of our favourite labels and I can’t wait! Maxi dresses have been making a massive comeback in the USA during their summer this year, and we tend to follow their trends. I really love wearing my gypsy maxi dresses around so I’m really excited for this seasons new boho and festival fashion styles.

How important is it to to you recognize loyal customers? 

Very Important! As well as customers who are proactive on social media with recommendations for the business. It always important to listen to your customers because ultimately they are the ones who determine whether or not your business is a success. I’m very lucky here in Australia because we have a very helpful and supportive community of bohemian clothing fashionistas and many of my customers offer advice and even their own time to help me build and improve my business.

What percentage of your customers come from your local community? 

Since we have opened our showroom in Burleigh Heads only a few months ago, our local customer base it constantly growing on a weekly basis. If you’d like to drop by the address is Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade, 64 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia.

Where do you see you business heading over the next few years?  

We’re hoping to bring on a few new boho clothing labels in the very new future. In the longer term I have a few ideas in the pipeline; but slow and steady wins the race. Previous experience has taught me that one doesn’t want to bite of more than they can chew in business, and good things can take time to manifest.

Thanks for talking with us today Mandy, we’re sure our readers who are interested in getting into retail clothing or starting their own online businesses will have a lot to learn from your successes. The Shape Your World team wish you all the best for you and your business in the future!

Careers in Focus: Caterers

Catering is a rewarding  job. It gives you the chance to attend lavish parties and exciting corporate events although you will still have to work a little!

Caterers are more than just event waiters, a lot of preparation goes into catering for corporate events. Not only do you have to look after the smooth running of the event you are working, but many catering managers act as project managers, applying financial analysis, reporting and monitoring skills to a variety of venues and events at any given time. The ability to multitask becomes second nature to a catering manager as they seamlessly glide through their work week. Of course, as with any job, there are always obstacles. Running out of food, time or ice can quickly turn any corporate event into a disaster so it is up to the catering manager and her team to mitigate the risks and ensure that the party goes on well into the night.

When your not catering events a lot of time can be spent in the office. Some of the tasks you will be completing will be negotiating contracts with suppliers, budgeting, room layouts, service schedules, delivery schedules, booking new events, constructing unique and delicious menus, coordinating teams for upcoming events, and spending a lot of time doing all of these at once.

The average salary for corporate caterers in Brisbane is around $43,000 to upwards of $90,000 depending on experience, company size and position held. If you’re fresh out of school, securing a base position in a catering company offers a lot of potential to grow within the company as you learn the processes of your new catering profession. Don’t expect it to be easy, and if you like having weekends off then this is probably not for you, according to corporate catering Brisbane tycoon and passionate caterer, Julie Dent.

The team at Shape Your World asked Julie from one of Brisbane’s most renowned catering companies a few questions about her career, and opinions on the industry.

Hi Julie, Thanks for chatting with us today. So tell us, what is your favourite thing about corporate catering? 

Definitely the parties! Sure we work hard while all the guests are having fun, but we are facilitating them in having a good time which makes you feel good too. Once all the work is done, there is often time to enjoy ourselves a little before calling it a night and waking up and doing it all again!

What events have you catered?

Over the last few years we’ve done so many different events. Weddings and corporate catering are the staple of the company but we also get unique stuff like music festivals, Formula 1, V8 supercars, and lots of sporting luncheons during the footy seasons which are my favourite. The guys at those events are always keen to have a good time which makes work fun!

Advice for anyone thinking of catering as a career?

Say goodbye to your weekends as most companies are always fully booked Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t like to stay up late or be around alcohol it probably isn’t for you either. But if you’re a positive person, love interacting with new people on a day to day basis and work well as part of a team then perhaps catering is for you!

Thanks Julie, and good luck with your business moving forward!

Company Profile: LED Arts

The primary aim of LED Arts is to provide a new alternative to traditional lighting solutions to the public Australia wide. Their vision to improve lighting for domestic and commercial applications is one which has already begun, and the results of their business model speak for themselves. By incorporating new replacement technology into their LG Innotek LED flood lights, down lights and shop lights, they have successfully managed to secure a significant market share, especially as the company is still in its infancy.

It is well recognised that an industry that has high demand on a daily basis is lighting. The community relies on the varying modes of lighting to execute their daily living functions, whether it be for the home, office or transport. Commercial lighting can become very expensive when used regularly, especially halogen lights which are commonly used in flood light applications for parking lots, driveways, and security lighting. The concept of LED Arts is to offer an affordable alternative mode of lighting  for people around Australia. The business owners recognise a niche in the market for a “quick and easy” option for the installation of LED lighting that doesn’t require an electrician at a competitive price.

The overwhelming price of hiring an electrician in Australia, specifically Queensland, is a constant issue with the LED lighting industry. To counteract this LED Arts in conjunction with LG Innotek developed a simple LED replacement system that makes it possible to simply clip out the expired LED from any flood light, down light, or spot light and replace it with a new chip, similar to the way that you would changed a traditional halogen bulb. This is a major change especially for LED downlights for domestic use where homeowners were often forced to replace the whole LED housing, a job which would ultimately require an electrician.  With this new clip-in clip-out technology in all their downlights, LED Arts hopes to speed up the rate at which the lighting industry in Australia adopts LED lighting by making it easier for them to be installed.

Not only will this benefit LED Arts by positioning them as a pioneer in the industry, but it also has considerable ramifications for governmental organisations, energy providers, and of course the average homeowner. As more people begin to adopt LED lighting, along with other more energy efficient behaviours such as solar and wind energy production, Australia can work towards becoming less reliant on coal and other energy sources that harm the planet as less energy is needed to power LED lighting. We have already seen great advances in South Australia where their coal plants are only required for part of the year.

As we move forward into the 21st century, we are almost at a point where we can rely solely on renewable energy to power the nation. With companies like LED Arts doing their part to help reduce energy costs for small business owners, commercial and industrial companies, and the average Australian homeowner, it won’t be long before rising energy costs were a thing of the past as people become self sufficient in supplying power not just to their lights, but their entire office or home.

Companies like LED Arts are vital to improving your local community and increasing the jobs available to people living within those areas. Their commitment to developing new LED technology puts them at the forefront of their industry and why the team here at Shape Your World gives them 4/5 rating for places to work in Brisbane. If you are looking for a job in the electrical industry or want to start making your home more energy efficient get in contact with LED Arts via their Google+ page.

Careers in Focus: Hairdressers

Hairdressers in Brisbane have been an in demand profession for almost a decade with the government even accepting migrants with hairdressing skills via skilled occupations visas. Their constant placement on the skilled occupation list still hasn’t filled the void, with many hair salons operating understaffed and in desperate need of people willing to learn the craft. The good news is that if you’re straight out of school or looking to change your career and you think you’re stylish enough to be a hairdresser, then there is plenty of opportunities available to you. The growth rate for hairdressing jobs nationally is 5.8% and is forecast to continue this upwards trend until 2017.

The salary for hairdressers Brisbane wide ranges from $30,953 to $53,727 p/a, with the average being around $45,000 p/a. Obviously those who own their own successful hair salons, offering a variety of hair and beauty services can have much higher earnings but these numbers refer to base positions within the business.

The day to day duties of a hairdresser involve providing clients with hair and beauty services such as hair cutting, colouring, straightening, curling, and treating hair with a variety of techniques and solutions. Being able to create a personal bond with your clients is important, as it not only helps you to understand what the client wants done to their hair, but also increases the chances of creating a repeat client, which is the ultimate goal of any hairdresser. We spoke with Ashlea Kemp, who runs Unsurpassable Hair & Make-up in Brisbane about her hair salon to find out more about working in and running one of Brisbane’s best hair salons.

What is your favourite part of being a hairdresser in Brisbane?

I love my job because it’s all about making people happy. I always try and create a bond with all my clients and within a few visits we are good friends. My hair salon is a place of work as well as a place of friendship. I love that i can cut a client’s hair and then go out with them for a girl’s night out!

It sounds more like a hobby than a job! How did you get started as a hairdresser?

Actually, it started out exactly like that; a hobby. I used to cut hair for some of my friends when I had some free time and eventually I got myself an internship at a hair salon here in Brisbane. To begin with you practice a lot on dummies or on friends, which was good for me as i had already started doing this. My initial duties in the hair salon ranged from sweeping  up hair to preparing the dyes for the senior stylists. I attended as many fashion conventions as i could so i was always up to date with the new styles and soon had an extensive repertoire of hairstyles and cuts under my belt that i could produce on demand.

What other services do you provide other than cutting and colouring hair?

Our salon covers a range of beauty treatments which are listed on our website. We tend not to venture to much into the manicure/pedicure region and focus on where our skills are; proving our clients with amazing hairstyles! We also do some waxing services, hair extensions, and full package beauty services for wedding parties and brides.

Any advice for the potential hairdressers and readers of Shape Your World?

Dive in head first (pardon the pun!) If you love fashion, trends and style then you will love the atmosphere, and working in a hair salon will be more like hanging out with your friends (although we do work hard). Everyone loves trying new things and learning new hairstyles so try to learn as much as you can from magazines, conventions, and of course the people around you. If you are seriously considering it, perhaps a chat with your current hairdresser is a good place to start. Otherwise you can drop us a line here at Unsurpassable Hair & Make-up on (07) 3168 1034 or come and see us at 14/16 The Corso, Seven Hills and we’ll give you an intro into the world of hairdressing!


Careers in Focus: Project Marketers

Project marketing is one of the most whispered about areas of real estate marketing in Australia. The breadth of duties covered by so called “project marketers” is often extremely involving and goes well beyond the expectations of the average real estate agent, although most project marketers get their start in such a role.

The team at Shape Your World were lucky enough to meet up with a few of the key team members from Ray White Project Marketing Queensland at a recent Project Marketing Business Luncheon and asked them what exactly project marketing is all about. So if you’re considering a role in real estate, this is a must read.

Thanks for chatting with us today Peta. Firstly, what activities would make up a  typical day for a project marketer? 

The average day does vary and it depends whether your looking for properties to sell or contacting potential buyers, although most days involve a bit of both. I like to start my day by hitting the phones and following up on all the potential buyers that I may have had come into the project office over the weekend. This is a good way to sort out if you have any serious buyers or perhaps just some contacts for the emailing list. Next up, I’ll contact the developers i am working with and give them a progress report on sales, enquiries, whether contracts have been signed, who we are waiting on finance from, progress with solicitors and so on. I try to do this by email mostly but do end up on the phone at least once a week. A staple activity for anyone in real estate should be cold calling. Whether it’s calling for buyers or working your way through the lists of developers on Google looking for new developments around town, being proactive is important. 

How does project marketing differ from traditional real estate marketing? 

We work a lot more with developers rather than just the public like your standard real estate agent. Building professional relationships and networks with developers in your city is a key component of the job and really can dictate if you are successful or not. Again, being proactive is important. you can’t rely on leads to come through your agency, even with an international brand like Ray White. We’re all constantly on the search for possible blocks for development and always looking at proposed development applications going through the council to find developers who need our services.

What else do your project marketing services include?

For some property developers we do a full market trend, feasibility and viability analysis report to make sure there is room in the market for the proposed development, although some developers have this done prior to engaging our services. In Brisbane at the moment though any new apartment developments are getting snapped up quickly! We then look to work out a pricing strategy for the development and make sure the design fits with the consumer profile.

After this initial phase, we obviously start selling the apartments, off the plan or through an on-site office or display apartment. Ray White boasts the largest agent network and client database out of all the project marketing agencies so we use our networks to push the apartments and have ideally aiming to sell them before completion.

Wow! Sounds like a lot goes into it. What would be your advice for anyone wanting to get into the project marketing game?

Do it! There is a lot of opportunity for success as long as you are willing to work for it! Build your professional network as much as you can and make sure you are everyone’s first call when they are looking to buy or sell!


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Company Profile: Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control

Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control, often referred to by the much shorter name: Pesky Possum, are one of South-East Queensland’s oldest and largest pest control companies. Started in the northern suburbs of Brisbane in the 1980s, Pesky Possum has grown over a large part of over 3 decades and now has an expansive fleet of pest controllers, possum removal experts and animal technicians at their disposal. All technicians are fully licensed and trained in taking care of all forms of Australian domesticated pets and wildlife. Like most other pest controllers operating around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, the Pesky team work mostly with possum removal and general pest control i.e. cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ants etc. However they also have the experience and knowledge to aid with lesser known pests issues such as setting up netting to control pigeons and other birds, trapping and relocating of snakes and turkeys, and the safe removal and relocation of beehives.


Over the last year, Pesky Possum have expanded their line of business to also include handyman services. This was done because many of the members of the team noticed when attending customers houses that small jobs around the homes were left unfinished or certain areas could so with some repair. Minor jobs like roof repairs, gutter cleaning, fence repair, clothes line installation, door installation, carpentry repairs and fixing leaking taps are all things that the Pesky Possum team regularly help their customers with. Their handymen offer their services both in combination with their pest control services and also as a standalone service. The people of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast (the major metropolitan areas in which Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control operate) have been quick to utilize the new handyman services and Pesky Possum have recently been on the lookout for new contractors.

The companies online presence has recently been expanded with the addition of a new website specifically targeted to the residents of North Brisbane. The expansion to the Pesky brand was encouraged by the company’s online marketing team who believed that there was a void for pest controllers in certain areas north of the river. The new site, Pest Control North Brisbane has a playful, interactive interface and has been designed to capture new leads for the business that the highly informational Pesky Possum might miss. While the site has only been up for several weeks, we are told it has already started generating new business and is expected to become a major contributor to the already busy business.


Because pest control and dealing with native fauna in Australia are highly regulated, a number of licenses are require to work within the industry. This has not stopped a large number of competitors entering the field over the past decade. In the ’80s and ’90s it was easy for Pesky Possum to acquire work, as a strong brand reputation and a number of large Yellow Pages ads ensured a continuous stream of work. Over the last decade however things have become much more competitive due to the advent of the internet and online advertising. This has enabled a host of new competitors to enter the market and undercut the standard industry pricing. While Pesky Possum have a strong reputation built over decades of quality work, especially to do with possum removal in Brisbane, which was their original focus, the digital era has brought along a new series of challenges.


  • HIGH COMPETITION: – Because of the relatively low barriers to entry and the high potential profit margins, a large number of competitors exist for the main pest control services. For more niche services like turkey removal and beehive relocation there are less competitors but there is also limit work.
  • INCREASING INSURANCE COSTS: – With a bigger team comes higher insurance costs. When other less experienced pest controllers or wildlife technicians have accidents and make insurance claims, premiums across the whole industry go up.
  • ONGOING TRAINING AND LICENSING REQUIREMENTS:- Everyone on the team must remain up to date with government licensing and industry training to ensure they know the most up-to-date methods and perform their work as safely as possible for both the humans and animals involved.
  • ADVERTISING COSTS:- While they have a loyal customers from their decades of work history, the new generation of customers are more price conscious and more inclined to go with someone new and potentially cheaper rather than someone they already know. This means advertising is a necessity to maintain a steady stream of work new customers. Be it through their Brisbane based Google AdWords or their SEO companies, both of which Pesky Possum have been very happy with, or through other forms of marketing, advertising is a necessary expense.


The long term plans of Pesky Possum Bird and Pest Control is to maintain a high quality standard and keep building a solid reputation for quality pest control and wildlife removal solutions. While there have been a number of new entrants into the market over the past decade, there have also been a huge number of pest controllers who have dropped out of the marketplace unable to attain enough work or make enough profit to make continuation of their business viable. In the more niche areas that Pesky Possum work in, there have been a few new entrants over the years, however because area like turkey and possum removal, and the installation of bird control measures are much more specific areas which do not yield as much potential work, they are often overlooked by potential competitors.

While the industry in South-East Queensland is growing along with the population and urban sprawl here, so it the potential for new work. As Pesky Possum continues to expand, more employees will be required. If you are interested in working in the pest control field, the best first step would be to get a Pest Management Technician License. Once you have attained your license you can speak with prospective employers about filling any positions they might have.

Company Profile: Fly Peacock Clothing

Fly Peacock Clothing was born from a desire to stand out from the crowd. The founders Makunda and Gopal grew up together in Queensland and wanted to bring something unique & different to the men’s fashion world. Cool print tshirts, bright festival singlets and attention grabbing shorts are what they are all about. Fly Peacock is an Australian-based boutique men’s clothing label that incorporates vibrant, colourful and urban designs on comfortable, high-quality fabrics to create a unique look.

Since it’s beginnings on the Gold Coast, dating back to the not-so-distant June of 2013, Fly Peacock has already expanded to a thriving online store with showrooms in both Sydney and Brisbane. Their stock is sold in a number of local boutiques and they are a regular presence at a number of fashion markets throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

festivalsingletFly Peacock products are available online and are regularly shipped throughout the world. Their Glebe store was opened in June 2014, and they are regulars at The Rocks Markets in the nearby Sydney CBD where they continue to increase their local and international clientele and fan base. Because of their monumental growth in just over a year of operation, the team at Fly Peacock are looking to go international in the next year planning to push forward into the highly competitive but also highly lucrative US market.

Fly Peacock believes in offering something different in a world that is saturated with mass-produced products. They showcase tshirts, singlets and shorts that give an edge to your individuality and help you stand out and be unique. Their name is derived from the team “Peacocking” which means: “to stand out from the crowd.”


FLY PEACOCK is a boutique clothing label that offer uniquely designed men’s tshirts, printed singlets and shorts. The clothing line was created to stand out and they are definitely making an impact in the Australian designer tshirt scene. They have built a reputation for quality fabrics and vibrant, limited designs. Their 100% cotton Basic Line has a modern cut with a scoop neck and a stone and acid wash look to give a soft, vintage, look and feel. “These are a great staple in any wardrobe.” Said Makunda when we spoke with him over Skype. “They can be worn casually on a weekend or even dressed up to wear on a night out.” He also mentioned that the Fly Peacock designers had been experimenting with various fabrics and had recently introduced a new range of soft and light v neck basics.

For someone who is looking for a comfortable everyday tshirt with a bit more flair, the Fly Peacock crew have created the Fly Lite Line. These tshirts and printed singlets are made from an extremely lightweight fabric which is so light on the skin it’s like hardly wearing anything at all. Because all of the designer tshirts, v-necks and singlets Fly Peacock create are only produced in limited quantities, with every purchase you can be sure you’re getting something you won’t see anyone else wearing. Their Fly Lite range offers exclusive prints with inspiration deriving for nature and urban life.

Finally there is Fly Peacock’s signature Fresh Line. These extremely vibrant prints are not for the faint of heart. Made from a soft fabric that is extremely comfortable, the Fresh line will ensure you get noticed.

All of the shirts and shorts in the Fly Peacock range are made to the highest quality standards using printing methods that ensure long-term colour hold. When combined with the quality fabric you can rest assured you won’t be left with a washed out tshirt, even after hundreds of washes.


Fly Peacock has been expanding at a phenomenal rate since inception and are doing well to stand out amongst a plethora of competitors.


To build a worldwide client base – with an online store open 24 hours a day, free shipping within Australia and low international shipping cost we want to reach out to every individual that wants to shine.


To fuel individuality. To create a lifestyle, not just a product.


Fly Peacock want to continually build up their client base all around the globa and plan on expanding to the United States and Europe in the very near future. They want to continue to bring their high standard of quality to all of their customers. They are continually building their business and looking for new ways to expand and grow their presence. If you are interested in becoming part of the Fly Peacock team or stocking some of their tshirts, singlets and shorts, get in touch with them via their website or on their Facebook page, which you can find here.

Careers in Focus: Plumber

Plumbers have for as long as anyone at shape your world can remember been the butt of all jokes in the world of tradies. Plumber’s crack and poo jokes aside, plumbing is serious business and thanks to the strong economy over the last decade, has become a way to make a more than comfortable living, especially if you can setup a successful plumbing company like Nathan from Citi Plumbing. We spoke with Nathan about the average day in the life of plumbers Brisbane wide, and also on his current role as operations and project manager of his successful Brisbane plumbing company.

What made you decide to be a plumber? 

My dad was a plumber in Brisbane. So it was an easy in for me and I could easily secure my apprenticeship through the old man’s business. I did have aspirations to be a professional soccer player, but we can’t all be soccer stars!

What kind of work does a plumber do on a day to day basis? 

It really depends on whether your working in the commercial plumbing sector, industrial, or domestic. If your working in domestic plumbing you can imagine the kind of jobs that would fill your day such as unclogging drains, connecting dishwashers, repairing broken taps and fixing leaky sinks. On new homes you can be expected to fit out bathrooms and kitchens with tapware, cisterns, toilet bowls and the likes, as well as assisting with drainage pipes and sewage management systems. A few years back there was a real boom for plumbers in Brisbane installing rainwater tanks that replaced the flow of water to toilets with reclaimed water, back when we had the drought. Great idea, should really be compulsory for all new houses.

Agreed! What about commercial plumbing?

Commercial plumbing is a bit more varied and used to be my favourite type of work when i was on the tools as you were constantly challenged with something new every day. A lot of the commercial plumbing work we did was custom kitchen installs for restaurants and hotel complexes. These usually had far more piping and drainage issues to deal with and different sinks and drains were required for different areas. Commercial kitchen tapware for dishwashing stations, glass dishwashers, drainage for wet areas like bars, specialised sinks and sink arrestor installations for cleaners, filtering chemicals out of normal run off drains at industrial sites are just a few examples of some of the work we would complete.

Did you always want to own your own business?

Yes it was always a goal of mine, I knew that i would end up managing my own business but I am surprised at how quickly we have expanded. As long as there are sinks, toilets and people, there are always going to be a need for plumbers throughout Brisbane. I know we can always get work in the domestic sector but my key focus for the time being is commercial plumbing contracts and working with developers to provide holistic plumbing solutions for any development.

What would be your advice for our readers considering plumbing as a profession?

Work hard early on and establish a reputation for yourself in the industry so when you finish your apprenticeship, there will be a line of plumbing companies waiting to hire you. News spreads fast if your lazy so don’t be! Also be wary that there are going to be some unpleasant smells in this line of work- if you’re squeamish, perhaps electrician is more your speed. Finally I would say that the trade is only part of it, try and pick up as much business knowledge as you can a long the way, so if you do decide to one day venture out on your own, you’ll have some confidence when it comes to managing your business and other plumbers.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with Shape Your World today Nathan, much appreciated.

No problem at all, and if you’re seriously considering a career in plumbing and are located in Brisbane get in touch with Citi Plumbing on 1300 00 2484 or [email protected] or circle us on Google+ and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction.

Company Profile: Woolworths International

Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union is responsible for implementing as well as maintaining the efficacious CSR program which integrates both the social and environmental responsibilities in day-to-day operations (Industry group leader report, 2013). Woolworths is establishing its CSR responsibility by providing agricultural scholarships to 24 young Australians.

It is a 12-day fully funded course by Woolworths wherein the candidates get a wide academic perspective on agricultural business. Other CSR activities of Woolworths include community support through charities ($2 million in 2011); free apprentices; Woolworths Fresh Food Rescue program that rescues surplus fresh food present in the waste stream and give them as meals to the needy; and Woolworths Fresh Food Future program for investing into rural Australia ($10 million investment since 2007). This approach will enhance business image and promote business expansion in the coming 5-10 years.

Sustainable Development

When the business is international, it is very essential to know that positive influence can be given to the retail supply chain for becoming a lot more sustainable and to decrease the carbon footprint and make strong hold of market and its people with positive brand image. It is the biggest challenge for organizations operating worldwide (Research and Markets, 2012). By adopting the sustainable practices, the international businesses can attain competitive edge, boost their shareholder value, increment the market share, and can lower the operative costs. After all, the green products have introduced major new markets and sharp-eyed eco-entrepreneurs like Woolworths have reaped rewards (Liñán, and Rodríguez-Cohard, 2011).

Woolworths has a sustainability strategy through which it sells locally grown fresh products, sustainable sourced fish, committed to liquor consumption policy, invested about AUD 66.5 million in carbon reduction measures and efficiency improvements. This defined investment estimated to decrease the brand’s operational costs by AUD 110.9 million by 2015, just imagine in the next 10 years (Industry group leader report, 2013). The brand has been able to make its worth by being sustainable through practices like providing animal welfare through all suppliers, program of becoming zero deforestation brand by 2020 and becoming a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to source certified sustainable palm oil by the year 2015. Customers are becoming influential through these activities.

Social and/or cultural impacts

It is essential to understand that when two aspects of the human society, business and culture interact with one another, it results in the growth of interesting scenarios and conditions. When two different cultures and societies converge at one single point or industry, it is quite possible that clashes develop and bound international scope. This is also the efficient time to adapt to the challenging situations. Different countries and communities hold different etiquettes and mannerisms.

Thus, Woolworths while going through international business culture must take the approach as a whole in the form of a congregation of several business practices, thought procedures and cultural influences. If the organization cannot make position and value in the locals of the operating region, the organization cannot sustain anyhow and will have to close it a great loss.

Overall, these three factors are really essential for Woolworths to sustain properly while expanding across the world, specifically to Asian countries. Woolworths is performing well in sustainability and CSR factors and these compatibilities are showing positive results and profits (Clayton, 2010). But, the social and cultural factors are heavy on the organization, and for this Woolworths are trying to enhance its social contact. Presently, the organization is doing great work with charities in Australia and providing courses, but not in other operating countries, which could cause a setback in Woolworths image.

There are some strategies that are essential for Woolworths to become an eminent supermarket industry in all the operating nations, especially when it is about great growth and expansion in Asia Pacific.

Adding innovations – The important strategic recommendation is to add new product lines other than just food items and few other day to day items (Tadros, 2009). The product categories are limited at present. The product diversification will surely increment the growth of the Woolworths sales. This diversification will also help the brand to become enthralling and profitable in the coming time both in Australia and other operating areas (Rakowski, 2009).

Cultural Adaptability – It is lack of cultural adaptability due to which Woolworths is closing its food and clothing retail store in Nigeria with big loss. The brand has not been able to match their needs and cultural aspects in eating and wearing (Research and Markets, 2012). Thus, it is essential for Woolworths to adapt to the culture of the operating country, specifically when expanding in Asian countries because cultural values are very essential for them. The market winning is possible through conducting great market research and introducing culturally acceptable products. Moreover, Woolworths should have flexibility in its policies according to the market environment and employee diversity. The best strategy is to invest in the local talent of the region (Clayton, 2010).

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – The population of both developed and developing countries is becoming aware of health grocery items and demanding health choices. They are health conscious, so Woolworths have to determine CSR focused at supporting diversity in its employees, providing a sustainable approach, and introducing health food items to enhance brand’s goodwill.

Enhanced Research and Development finance – Recently India made 27 years as legal age to drink and has strict rules for alcohol use. To expand efficiently in India, Woolworths need to say no to alcohol products and make a clean image for better market support (Woolworths, 2010a). To become a supportive supermarket in Asia Pacific, Woolworths need to enhance its R&D in healthy and profitable international markets (Rakowski, 2009).

Expand via Social media – With this low cost strategy, the international business of Woolworths can improve and reach wider population and diversities. The brand needs to focus on building strong presence on the social networking sites of Facebook, and Twitter along with Google+ (Research and Markets, 2012). This strategy should give cynosure towards the business supply of organic food products and genetically modified free products (Productivity Commission, 2011).

Summing Up

It is very clear that Woolworths has cultivated a transparent and neat credibility and concentration towards meeting the customer, community and employee needs. The organization’s history and community support explains why and how the brand has won the hearts of operating nations. It does have several positive and few negative aspects. It is important for Woolworths to enhance its positive features through recommended strategies and lower down the negative aspects to make strong expansions and settlements outside Australia.

The positive status of the Woolworths supermarket are its great cost saving, through productive supply chain, profit equation with low prices, high revenues and balanced management. Its logistic management is efficiently designed with successful brand reputation. Its alliance and partnership management is well established too (Rakowski, 2009).

The negative aspects will increase if Woolworths hold low social media presence and enhanced number of rivalling competitors. With restricted legal framework, Woolworths can experience retailing business in India and it has happened due to which Woolworths is acting as a wholesaler under Tata Group (Johnson, Christensen, & Kagermann, 2008). In spite of having fierce competition and low profit dormants, the brand has 10.7% sales growth rate (Woolworths Limited, 2011). Well, this is defined as the true indication of organization’s premium as well as high calibre business model. Therefore, Woolworths holds a dominant international business in retail industry (Tadros, 2009). Sounds like the kind of place that would be great to work at!


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